Dom Gall: Celtic fans treble joy turns sour as Lennon return confirmed

Celtic made Scottish football history on Saturday by winning a third straight treble - and then Neil Lennon was offered the manager's job in the showers.


The 25th of May has firmly written itself into the Celtic history books as a great day. 52 years after they came from behind to beat Inter Milan in a Champions League Final, the Parkhead side came from behind to beat Hearts and secure a Treble Treble.’s a treble treble winner when it comes to fitba bets

It’s the first time in Scottish history that a side has won nine consecutive trophies, and you can’t see it happening again any time soon. It should have been a cause for celebration for the club and supporters but sadly they ruined it for everyone within minutes of the final whistle.

How you ask?

By offering Neil Lennon the permanent job.

Now most normal people would assume that winning a treble – for the third year in a row – would not be overshadowed by the appointment of the man who led you there? Wrong.

Before we take a closer look at how Twitter reacted to the news of Lennon’s offer of employment, let’s take a moment to appreciate what is undoubtedly the tweet of the day. It’s an important reminder that it’s not all doom and gloom at Paradise.

Celtic’s bus parade was delayed – then eventually cancelled – as thousands of fans lined the streets of Glasgow.

Now it’s not clear if this was Lennon protests or Cup celebrations, but the delay caused a fair bit of hanging about for supporters. However, in true Glasgow style, the friendly locals ensured everyone was fully supplied with booze.

If lowering a can of Tennent’s to a man sitting on a traffic light with a homemade fishing rod doesn’t show the beauty of Scotland then I don’t know what does.


Anyway, back to business now and it’s fair to say Celtic fans aren’t particularly amused. Thankfully for them, they were all steaming when the news broke but that’ll make it all the worse today when they wake up and realise it wasn’t just a bad dream. Just how drunk were some fans? This tweet speaks for itself:

You can kind of see why Celtic have offered him the job. He was brought in to steady the boat after Rodgers departed and ultimately, he’s done everything he needed to do. It is easy to forget that he had a successful spell at Celtic Park before too.

For supporters though, after names like Jose Mourinho and Rafa Benitez were floating about – the latter even named as favourite at one stage – it all seems the underwhelmingly safe bet. It’s a bit like going to the toilet to fart, just in case. Nothing can go wrong, granted, but it’s never going to be spectacular either.

For some, it was easier to let a gif do the talking when they were too intoxicated to find the words:

Of course, just because Celtic have announced that Lennon has been offered the job, that doesn’t mean he’ll actually take it. Many fans took to Twitter to ask the man to do the right thing and step aside, assuming that David Moyes has almost finished packing his bags and is headed to the airport as I type.

The anger at the decision has somewhat plastered over the bizarre circumstances in which Lennon was offered the job. The man himself said it was in the showers. Was he having a shower with Peter Lawwell?

Could this be the first job in history to be offered whilst naked?

This raises more questions than it answers so best to just leave it there. In the meantime, does Lennon care? I doubt it.

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