Celtic’s New Kit: It’s green, it’s white, and most fans think it’s sh*te

The new rig-out for Celtic has sent a lot of Hoops fans loopy.


Champions-to-be Celtic took a break from preparing for Saturday’s game v Aberdeen – where they need only a point to be confirmed as champions – to launch their new Home Shirt and it’s safe to say fans are not remotely impressed.

You’d think that watching your team win their eighth successive title would be enough for Celtic fans to be reasonably happy. You’d be wrong, however, as apparently it’s all for nothing if they’re going to look stupid whilst going for nine-in-a-row next season.

In Scotland, we can sometimes take things too far when we’re angry. In fact, this is something most people have probably been guilty of in the past. I don’t think the 546 tweets suggesting Celtic “delete the club” are an over-reaction in the slightest though. Why would you want to win a treble-treble if you’re just going to have to wear that thing afterwards. It was a good run whilst it lasted Celtic Football Club, last one out close the doors.


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On the other side of Glasgow, rivals Rangers unveiled a stunning new shirt earlier this week, which will only be adding further insult to injury over at Parkhead. Luckily though lads, shirts don’t win you trophies! I’m sure they’d happily watch John Flannigan play naked in exchange for silverware over at Ibrox.

I do kind of understand where they’re coming from, I am fussy when it comes to kits too, but is it THAT bad? Well, yes actually. It is.

How hard can it be to make a green and white hooped shirt? A question asked several thousand times this evening but also a very valid one. A tweet from the official account earlier today reminded us all just how good the kits could look.

Last year Celtic’s kit manufacturer, New Balance, broke the hoops on the sleeves and fans went mad. In comparison to tonight their reaction was actually fairly tame, but it should’ve been enough for New Balance to not cock it up… again.

Kenny McCallum, New Balance’s Football General Manager, was quoted on the Celtic website as saying: “The green and white hoops of Celtic’s jersey are one of the iconic sights in football.” A fairly bold claim to make whilst you’re launching a shirt missing quite a few hoops.

A cracking bit of shithousery follows as he continues: “We wanted to fully respect that here…”. Well, Kenny, you’ve made a bit of a mess of that one. Talk on the streets of Glasgow has switched from who will be the next manager, a trivial issue now which doesn’t matter anymore, to who may take over in the marketing room as many fans call for the heads of those that signed off on the new kit.

The hashtag used on launch night, #OnToVictory, has been rightfully abused with fans suggesting #OnToAFire might be a better option for the club.

Having just seen a photo of them wearing sandals whilst launching it, I now agree completely.

Many fans are also waiting for the club to unveil the actual shirt, believing this one to be a joke. Sadly for them it’s May 1st, not April 1st. God help them when they see the socks, which simply look like the printer ran out of ink half way through.

The shirt, despite only being live for a few hours, has been widely criticised and has already been called the worst kit in the club’s history. It couldn’t possibly be worse than the People’s Ford Away Shirt from back in the day, could it?

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