If places from Game of Thrones were football stadia, here’s what they’d be

Spoiler alert


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll be aware that HBO’s mega-series Game of Thrones has returned to our screens with a bang over the past few weeks.

Before the series kicked off again with “Winterfell”, devotees had waited almost two years for the high death-toll battles, internecine conspiracies and classic sexposition that define GoT. Haters, meanwhile, still loudly and happily proclaim that they’ve never watched a single episode.

Unfortunately for the latter, Paddy Power News is a fully signed-up member of the Thrones fanboy/girl club. Which means we’ve been spending a bit of time trying to come up with some sweet, sweet Thrones-related football content for you.

“Five Reasons Lee Cattermole Is Really Azor Ahai, The Prince That Was Promised”? Nah, too niche. “27 Game Of Thrones Characters Who Would Be Better Defenders Than Phil Jones?” Nah, too easy.

“If places from Game of Thrones were football stadia, here’s what they’d be”? Bingo.

WINTERFELL – Old Trafford

Slightly crumbling, dilapidated, hasn’t seen much glory in recent times, but still an iconic northern powerhouse despite a leadership vacuum at the top.

Ruled for decades by a beloved, successful and occasionally ruthless leader but plunged into uncertainty after he departed. Recently taken over by a power-obsessed bastard who loved to make people suffer.

Now back in the hands of some familiar faces from the old days returning from a long exile.

THE EYRIE – The Emirates

Looks impressive, but largely empty and devoid of atmosphere.

Formerly presided over by an intelligent, tolerant and popular reformer who influenced many across the world. It now tends to be on the periphery when the going gets tough.

Occasionally, it pops up as semi-relevant in the greater scheme of things, but unlikely to be the scene of a great triumph any time soon.

BRAAVOS – Parc Des Princes

Its owners have all the money in the world, but still mostly struggle to make an impact on the global theatre, despite repeated efforts to recruit big-name stars from better-known stages.

Their wealth comes from questionable origins, and you suspect there’s something dark lurking beneath the surface. The place is strongly associated with the presence of highly paid mercenaries.

HARDHOME – Hampden Park

Eternally freezing, though locals seem to be totally immune to the ice-cold temperatures.

North of the wall, its citizens hate those from the south. Things can get a bit spicy when visitors show up.


Home to great stories and teams of yore, but now a rundown monument to populated by football’s forgotten and disregarded men.

Has become a bit of a backwater in the modern era, but still retains iconic status for many who miss the old days.

WEMBLEY – King’s Landing

Opulent yet somehow sh*t and very soulless capital city stronghold.

People only go there if they have to, or if they’ve done something to deserve it. Nevertheless, it’s still the object of affection for many.

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