Paul Ince: I’m nervous for Liverpool – but Man City are panicking

Can City keep up with Liverpool now they've made it through their wobbly run?


People have been voicing their concerns about Liverpool over the last few weeks, with the draws they have had, but what they did to Watford proved they’re back on form and silenced their critics.

They terrorised Watford. That’s the title-winning Liverpool we saw four or five weeks ago and for most of the season. I’d say Manchester City were nervous looking at that – knowing that the title is going to go right down to the wire.

You can sense the panic at City, and the West Ham result proved it. It wasn’t convincing at all, and with five minutes to go Kevin De Bruyne was running the ball into the corner flag. It’s not often you see a City team do that, and that shows to me that they’re panicking, you can see they’re feeling the pressure.

It’s not even about the performance at this stage of the season. It’s all about just getting the three points whatever happens.

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The Merseyside derby will be a huge test of Liverpool’s title-winning credentials

Liverpool’s result at least sets them up nicely for what will be a tough game against Everton. I’ve played in enough Merseyside derbies to know that it’ll be difficult going to Goodison Park.

There’s been a lot of negativity amongst Everton fans recently, but the supporters will be desperate to try and derail their title run.

The derby will be a huge test, because City will be looking at it and hoping that they can capitalise on the result.

I still believe Liverpool will win the league, although there are still going to be twists and turns. This is what Sir Alex used to call ‘squeaky bum time’. Liverpool are experiencing squeaky bum time right now, this is where the pressure, emotions, sacrifice and mentality all come into play. Any slip ups can be the end of your title run.

Because it’s Liverpool, and they’re going for the title, of course people are going to criticise them and are desperate to see them lose.

But it’s how you react to that and how you come out of it, you need to answer those critics.

Don’t let yourselves down now

I’m at the stage where I’m nervous for Liverpool, now. It’s been 29 years and they deserve to win it. My advice would be to be excited. Be excited about going head-to-head with Man City, be excited about the happiness that you could bring to the city.

Yes, be nervous and apprehensive but don’t let yourselves down now.

You need top performances every week, and as a player you should start thinking and getting excited about making history. I did, when I was playing for Man United and the team won the first title in 26 years, and that’s what keeps you going.

This is the time when those Liverpool players can put themselves in the history books. They can be legends forever, you have to desire and want that. Now’s the time to think I’ll run through brick walls to get this win, I’ll pick up mistakes from my teammates, and I’ll do anything in my power to win the title.

Think about the years to come when you can tell your kids or grandkids that you were part of the Liverpool side who won the league for the first time in 29 years. These are the things that must spur you on when the going gets tough.

No game is going to be easy, but this is the most exciting title race we’ve had in years. You can’t be complacent or think a game against a lesser team is a win, that’s where you can slip up.

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