Daily Cannon: Spurs fans are crapping themselves ahead of the derby

Arsenal travel to Wembley to play the North London Derby this weekend and the Daily Cannon believe Spurs supporters are shivering in fear…


One point or seven? That’s what’s at stake ahead of Saturday’s North London derby. That and the usual bragging rights that comes with a win, of course.

Arsenal head into this game on the back on one of their best performances of the season and their highest scoring game under Unai Emery.

The best Spurs side the Premier League has ever seen, however, are on a two-game losing streak with their title dreams lying around their feet like the rubble at the building site they still think will be their home at some point this season.

“Tottenham Hotspur, we’re coming for you,” rang out at the Emirates as Arsenal scored their fourth and fifth goals of the evening. At the same time, Spurs were making a hash of things against Chelsea in the most Spursy way imaginable.

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Arsenal’s win over Bournemouth on Wednesday night has given a depressed fanbase the belief that we can repeat what we managed earlier in the season when Spurs arrived at the Emirates, were given a spanking and sent home to think about their lives.

Ahead of this game, Mauricio Pochettino admitted it could take 10 years for Spurs to win the league.

Despite being at the club for almost five years, it seems nobody has told him it’s already been 58.

But they were never in the title race, no matter what anyone says.  You just have to look at the table to know that. Should Arsenal win on Saturday they will be just one point behind this ‘amazing’ Spurs team, and we’ve mostly been a big bag of sh**e all season.

Were Arsenal also in the race too, then? Don’t be so stupid.

All season Arsenal fans have had to listen to Spurs fans and pundits claim this team to be something exceptional. After a 1-1 draw with Barcelona’s B team, the Daily Mail LITERALLY said it was like a 10-0 win. They’d needed a result to ensure qualification and the best they could manage was a draw against the weakest Barca team the world has seen in 10 years.

Saturday, then, is a huge match for both sides with everything and nothing at stake.

A double in the league over Spurs this season would be most unexpected. Even just a week ago it seemed unthinkable. Most fans, myself included, were trying to work out a plan for coping with the depth of humiliation that seemed destined to cover us.

But a week is a long time in football, especially these days. Six dropped Tottenham points and five Arsenal goals coinciding with the return of Mesut Ozil and the form of Henrikh ‘I’ve scored and assisted more than Dele Alli’ Mkhitaryan makes things completely different.

Now Arsenal fans believe again, while Tottenham fans are crapping themselves.

There will be no trophies handed out to the winner on Saturday, much to Spurs’ annoyance, but it will point to the way things stand. Has Tottenham’s ‘dominance’ over Arsenal, which consisted of winning nothing and finishing above them twice in the last 22 years, come to an end already?

Has Unai Emery finally cracked it? Can the Gunners, once again, turn it on at Wembley where they have won so much?

Whatever happens, we all know only one side will think about bringing out a DVD should they win.

That still tells you everything you need to know about the difference between Arsenal and Tottenham.

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