Paddy’s Poll: Who do you want to see win the Premier League?

The Premier League is set for an epic run in, with three teams (two; lads, it's Spurs) set to scrap all the way to May. But who do you want to see win it?


With the title-chasing teams throwing more lifelines about than Chris Tarrant on Challenge TV, we decided now would be the perfect time to investigate where the fans want to see the prize go come May.

Which team’s supporters are keenest to see Liverpool’s suffering end?

Honestly, what sickos actually want to see that?!

Or whose sophisticated fanbase delights most in Pep’s purist-pleasing project of Total Football? *yawn*

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And is there a club whose fans are so deluded they believe Poch’s Spurs can tear a hole in the fabric of reality by not bottling it for once?

We’re pulling on the lab coats and getting out our microscopes to do some serious research into these burning questions.

Let us know who you support and who you’d be least sickened to see prancing about with the PL trophy come May, and we’ll dig through the data to uncover who’s the outrageously biased “neutral’s choice” from championship glory.

And Vladimir, if you’re reading this, feel free to rig this vote whatever way you like.

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And register your vote below to see who’s the most popular choice of the three (two, seriously) contenders among all fans:

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Man City are 10/11 favourites to win the 2018-19 Premier League

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