John Gibbons: Liverpool can’t afford the luxury of getting carried away

Liverpool were presented with a golden opportunity to go seven clear in midweek, but could only make it five and John Gibbons has some thoughts to share…


Liverpool have won a lot of games this season. To the extent where they are no longer just being compared to other teams in the Premier League, or even to Liverpool sides of the past.

Number of points wise, this Liverpool season is up there with anything anyone has ever done in the history of the game.

Since the Premier League began only Chelsea (05/06) and Manchester City (17/18) have more points than Liverpool at this stage of the season.

If you go back to the start of the Football League only Preston North End (1888-89) and Tottenham Hotspur (1960-61) had more. You are talking about some of the finest, more famous teams ever to play in this country.

That’s where this Liverpool side currently sit.

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So are they getting enough credit? Probably not. Although there are a few reasons for this.

Firstly, a couple of other teams are going at a ridiculous pace too. Despite losing midweek Manchester City are still having their third best ever Premier League season, or the 13th best of any side.

Spurs are having their best ever Premier League campaign too, by four points, and would currently be ahead of any Liverpool Premier League team apart from this one.

This season was the first time ever three different sides (Liverpool, Manchester City and Chelsea) were unbeaten after twelve games.

Normally Liverpool could expect to be clear by double figures with the return they have (Manchester City were 12 clear after 24 games last season, Chelsea in 05/06 were 15), yet Liverpool have two sides within seven points of them.

Our perspective is slightly warped. It takes the comparisons above to reinforce the magnificence of what Liverpool have managed to do this season.

But, they also haven’t won anything yet. Those previously mentioned sides aren’t famous for what they did after 24 games, but for where they finished the season.

Despite what the world seemed to think on Tuesday night after Manchester City had surprisingly lost to Newcastle, the title is far from won – Unfortunately.

There are plenty more twists and turns to come.

Leicester City proved on Wednesday night that there are more good players and teams in this league that is sometimes made out with the obsession we have with the top six.

Leicester, who have already beaten Manchester City this season, and whose team contained more Premier League champions than Liverpool’s did, could easily have been the first team to win at Anfield in the league this season.

As the season gets closer to the end and points even more precious, Liverpool will face many sides either fighting for their lives or their own position and ambitions.

Teams willing to roll over and accept defeat will be few and far between.

This isn’t a title that will be handed to Liverpool, it is a title that The Reds will need to win. But, Jurgen Klopp and his players know this.

Amongst all the noise created by people like me, they have remained calm and determined throughout.

They’ve not got carried away. Or if they have they haven’t shown it.

Liverpool look like a team who is well aware it is going to take an incredible number of points to win the Premier League this season.

This week they managed to extend their lead at the top by drawing a game they should have won.

They won’t always be so lucky. But this week, where four of the top six dropped points, and the other two sides had their scares, shows that the top sides are unlikely to have it all their own way all of the time for the rest of the campaign, especially as Europe returns and the games come thick and fast.

West Ham on Monday. Bournemouth after that. Both sides have shown quality and vulnerability at different stages this season, so they will have to be respected. But, they also need to be beaten.

The weeks become bigger and the nerves grow each time. It’s much better than being sixth though. We’ve done both and this is much more fun.

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