Fernando makes haunting reappearance in Ballybrack

Thankfully Ballybrack footballer Fernando has returned from the dead and he was floating around his old stomping ground today…


We have launched their January Transfer Window betting with former Ballybrack footballer Fernando – who beat the greatest transfer deadline of them all when he came back from the dead.

The amateur footballer was falsely declared deceased by his former club, Ballybrack FC last month.

So, Paddy Power has brought him back to the scene of the crime, alive and in the flesh for some light-hearted mischief today.

“To celebrate the fact that Fernando is very much alive and kicking, we’re offering odds on what club Ireland’s Lazarus is most likely to play for next – because let’s face it, his transfer story remains the most fascinating of them all,” a spokesperson for Paddy Power said.

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“Having been pronounced dead and all but buried, officials stopped just short of erecting a tombstone for him, so we decided to honour the man responsible for the greatest comeback since Christ himself by erecting one in our shop windows.”

Speaking to Paddy Power, Fernando said: “I’m currently a free agent and considering all options – just in case if Real Madrid come knocking during the January transfer window. They could do with a bit of divine intervention at the moment.”

The amateur footballer caused a major stir in Ballybrack this morning when news spread that he was back and locals flocked to Paddy Power on Military Road to meet him.

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