Paul Ince: Pogba leaving Manchester United would suit both parties

Pogba's performances for Man United haven't warranted the circus that surrounds him says former captain Paul Ince ...



I can’t say I’m surprised to hear about the Paul Pogba rumours, suggesting he’s interested in leaving Old Trafford in January. He said recently that he was happy at Man United, but I didn’t believe any of that.

What worries me though is that we saw in the Manchester derby how much United miss Pogba when he isn’t available.

So, yes, the club will have to think carefully about whether they’re happy to let him go, though I’d say his behaviour over the last year or so would make that decision easier.

I believe a Pogba move away from United would suit both parties. If we’re being honest, he’s never settled on his return to the club.

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He’s been inconsistent in his performances, going from world class to looking bang average, and there’s always been whispers and transfer talk surrounding him in that time.

Some of those rumours have come from his camp, too. As long as he’s at United, there will be trouble and talk about him wanting to leave.

His personality is to stir up rumours – like getting in a picture with Messi recently.

He’s an attention-seeker, he wants people to talk about him.

Pogba reminds me of Eric Cantona – but he’s been ‘suffocated’ by Mourinho

The drama around Pogba reminds me of Eric Cantona. There was always something going on with Eric, but he was too good to get rid of. You didn’t care about all the noise around him.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying he’s as influencial as Cantona was. If he was contributing big performances every week, then no one  would care about the drama that comes along with Pogba. We know that he’s a fantastic player and we saw that at Juventus.

 I don’t think we can blame him for the fact he’s been suffocated by Jose Mourinho.

It’s clear when he’s given some freedom to play how he wants, he’s world class. But he’s been stifled at United and often played in the wrong way.

He’s part of the constant negativity that’s coming out of Old Trafford at the minute, though.

Aside from a couple of decent results recently, it’s all been rumours and transfer gossip and just constant hostility. So, it wouldn’t surprise me that if the money was right United will let him go.

Marcus Rashford may feel jealous of players like Jadon Sancho who play regularly for their club

It’s different in the case of Marcus Rashford, though. Yes, he’s naïve at times, but he’s got bags of talent and he’s still young. He always looks fantastic for England, too. His main issue is that at the minute it’s not clear what his best position is.

He’s at the age now where he needs to decide whether he wants to play every so often for Man United, or all the time for another club.

There are some players out there who are happy to train and not play on a Saturday, but I don’t think he’s one of those.

If he doesn’t want to move permanently, he should be considering a loan move to another English club.

Because he should be playing every week. He shouldn’t be a bit part player.

A part of me wonders whether he sees young players like Jadon Sancho, flying at Dortmund and playing every week, and feels a bit jealous. Everyone’s talking about these incredible youngsters, who play all the time and score goals.

It’s worrying that, at the end of Mourinho’s time at Chelsea, players stop wanting to play for him and we’re potentially seeing that here at United now too.

Personally, I don’t understand the attitude of refusing to play for a manager when you have thousands of fans who want to see you play, too.

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