Paul Ince: Man United are in danger of becoming a team known for sacking managers

The former MUFC midfielder also says Liverpool have the presence now of United teams of old...


I’m concerned about the witch-hunt for Jose Mourinho.

United are in danger of becoming a team known for sacking managers after a couple of years. They’ve now gone through Van Gaal, Moyes and maybe Mourinho in quick succession.

There’s an attitude of just getting rid of someone straight away if they aren’t winning every game – imagine that had been done to Sir Alex Ferguson in the beginning?

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I keep seeing comparisons to the 1992 side, where we started the season losing two games then went on to win the title. That, to me, is insulting.

You really cannot compare the two. For starters, we had better players in every area of the pitch, and we had leaders which the current team just doesn’t have. We also had that absolute hunger and desire to win every single game, again, which I just can’t see from this squad.

Although Jose is right to demand respect, when things aren’t going his way at the minute, he’s showing that he’s under pressure. He knows what kind of responsibility it is to manage at Old Trafford. You’re put under huge scrutiny which you aren’t at other clubs, but you need to learn to not rise to it so much.

Liverpool have the presence Man United teams used to have

Every team should be frightened of Liverpool this year. Klopp has taken time to piece his team together, sort out the balance and bring in key targets.

What he’s got now is a complete team, and one with belief in how they play. They’ve got a presence where teams are terrified of playing them, the kind of presence that Man United used to have and no doubt wish they still did.

It’s taken him a while to get to this point, and this team more than capable of winning it this year. For starters, the team is consistent, they know who they’re playing with each week.

Jurgen Klopp knows exactly what he wants, when he wants, from his players.

And, Liverpool drew players in during the transfer window where United didn’t. It seemed to me like they didn’t even want to come to United, and I’ve never known that.

When you look at the two teams, they’re worlds apart in terms of scoring goals. There’s probably five players who can regularly find the net, when at United even their striker is struggling to put chances away.

You can see why they’ve not started the season well when they can’t even score.

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