Paul Ince: Paul Pogba has got far too much to say

Paul Ince says Jose Mourinho is right to tell Pogba to hand in a transfer request, as he feels no player should be bigger than the club…


You’d like to think that when Paul Pogba went away to the World Cup – where he was fantastic – he’d have come back with a winners’ medal and felt a lot happier going into the new season.

But, since he’s come back, he’s been a nightmare. As a player, irrespective of whether you’re happy or unhappy, there are ways to conduct yourself.

He captained United in their opening game of the season against Leicester, played brilliantly, and then came out with those quotes afterwards.

I really can’t understand why he’d do that other than to get attention and set tongues wagging.

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Paul Pogba has got too much to say. Mourinho made him captain last week, which is a huge honour and one which he seems to underestimate. If Jose really thought so little of him, I doubt he’d have given him the armband.

He had a great game, a real captain’s performance, but no one is talking about that because they’re too busy focussing on his off-field antics.

I’m just not sure why he’s coming out publicly and disrespecting the club. He’s let himself down.

All he needs to speak about is the team and their performances, rather than himself. It shows a lack of professionalism and discipline.

Pogba isn’t bigger than the club, if he wants to leave, let him go

I can understand why Mourinho is livid, and I can see why he would tell Pogba to put in a transfer request. If he’s so desperate to instigate a move away from Old Trafford, then he should just go.

There is no player bigger than a club – especially not Manchester United.

United can’t go on like this for the rest of the season. It’s not all about him. It’s about the full team and the fans. These petty arguments in public just make their issues worse, the focus is off winning games and trophies and it disrupts other players.

Pogba could end up alienating himself from his teammates and the fans if he’s not careful.

Ultimately though, Mourinho has the power. He will decide whether Pogba can stay or go. But if he’s so desperate to leave, he should just come out, say that and be transparent about it rather than stupid games.

What worries me too, is that under Sir Alex Ferguson, journalists and the public would’ve never heard about any of this. It would have been dealt with internally before it had a chance to come out.

United can’t attract the big names anymore

Some of the tension with Pogba I believe has come about because of what’s going on internally at the club. Mourinho had several centre-half targets, and didn’t manage to secure any of them.

That is a real concern, and shouldn’t be happening at Old Trafford.

They’re still the biggest club in the world, but it’s a real worry if they can’t attract the big names or talent anymore. Players used to crawl on their knees to play for the club.

The signings, paired with the Pogba issue, is definitely not how fans wanted to start the season.

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What do you think?