Manu Petit, Ray Parlour and Sam Quek set sail with Paddy’s Boat Party

The Arsenal legends were on board to haul up the anchor with Paddy and his shipmates in the latest episode from the boat party....


The Romford Pele and World Cup winner joined Max Rushden and his merry marine mates at Canary Wharf on Sunday evening, where the inevitabilty of football, at last, coming home was all anyone could talk about.

Great Britain’s hockey gold medallist Sam Quek had some advice for the footballers on winning a world title, while Manu and Ray told us what it’s like to bang in goals on the biggest stages.

There was also plenty of craic and codswallop as everyone felt their legs getting shaky at the thought of England actually, possibly, maybe, just maybe winning the World Cup!

Or it might have been the tide going out, we’re not quite sure.

Anyway, check out the highlights here:

You can watch the whole show here, and don’t forget to tune in live on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube for the next episode ahead of Sunday’s World Cup final.

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