The Ornstein replies are basically the best thing about Arsenal in 2017/18



David Ornstein is a conscientious and thorough football reporter. Which is probably how he wants to be remembered.

Sadly, in 20 years time, the world may in fact know the name of the ‘Ornacle’ because of things like this:

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In case you’re wondering what this is all about, the answer can be pretty much summed up with the phrase ‘Arsenal Twitter’. Gooners on social media can be an uncouth and often infuriating lot, but over the past few days and weeks they’ve been outdoing themselves in a positive sense via their imaginative – and frequently NSFW – replies to the Ornacle’s tweeted transfer updates.

Arsenal supporters have been glued to Ornstein’s Twitter handle for quite some time now, frantically refreshing the page for hours every day in the hopes of seeing that sweetest of Orny phrases: ‘EXCLUSIVE:’.

All of which went into overdrive in January as the Gunners shipped out some dead wood, brought in Henrikh Mkhitaryan and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, and renewed the contract of Mesut Ozil. @bbcsport_david suddenly became a hotbed for jpgs and gifs rapidly churned out as soon as the BBC man hit that lovely big blue TWEET button.

Dildos, genitalia and bodily fluids feature prominently – which, as we know, is always the case with truly elite humour – with the majority of the responses focusing on Ornstein’s perceived reliability ahead of the likes of the Mirror’s John Cross. Rightly or wrongly, the Beeb correspondent is seen by many, thanks to his apparent insider knowledge, as being streets ahead of the competition when it comes to accurate Arsenal-related transfer and contract news:

But it’s not all about poor Mr Cross, who is unfortunate to be operating in the same era as an all-time great of transfer reporting – the Ronaldo to Ornstein’s Messi, if you will.

Here’s what else we noticed:

All things considered, this may be the best thing about Arsenal this season.

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