ICYMI: The Ref in the Nantes v PSG match issued probably the craziest red card you’ll ever see

Kicking out at a player and then sending him off? This ref can do whatever the f*ck he wants.....


We all do silly stupid things and then regret them the next day. Like when we paid out on Hilary Clinton to beat Trump – that was pretty stupid. Or, when Wenger let Arsenal’s best player, Alexis Sanchez, leave for f*ck all – that was really stupid. Shit happens, right? But in the initial hours after you realise you’ve made a massive f*ck up, you get some serious fear, don’t you?

Well referee Tony Chapron is sure to be waking up to some of the best fear known to man. He had what some people call a ‘moment of madness’, and what most others would call an ‘absolute f*ckin howler’. Tony was going about his business as usual in the Nantes v PSG game, when in the 90th minute, running down the pitch to follow a break from Mbappé, he gets tripped (accidentally by the looks of it) by Diego Carlos, who was was running back to defend.

Furious with this accidental mugging off from Carlos, Tony tries to boot him while he’s on the ground. That’s bonkers enough in itself, but then he proceeds to issue Carlos with a second yellow, and a subsequent red card.

Watch for yourselves, I’m really not doing it justice.

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