Watch: Ian Holloway given a heartwarming welcome by Millwall fans

He says he kept them up but they say he's a c*nt......


Ian Holloway was warned to expect a hostile reception when he returned to the Den last night as QPR boss and the Millwall fans didn’t disappoint.

Ollie managed the Lions for a 14 month reign back in 2015 but was sacked after winning just 14 out of his 62 game in charge. Safe to say that didn’t go down well with Millwall fans. Two months after he was given the boot the club were relegated to League one and so naturally Millwall fans blame him for their drop. Fair enough Ian, no?

Anyway, cup your ears and smile all you want Ollie, just don’t interrupt our chant. (All together now) ‘Ole, ole, ole, ole, you c**t, you c**t’.

The match finished 1-0 to Millwall by the way – a good night all round for Lions fans.

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