Joey Barton is in Morrissey’s new music video and everyone is baffled

No, we're not sure either. But we're happy to go with it.


The latest on our list of things that don’t make sense – closely following bus lane cameras and this picture of some beans in a Crocs shoe – is Morrissey’s latest music video.

It’s for his latest single, ‘Spent the Day in Bed’ and when the screen fades from black, we’re left with the image of Joey Barton pushing Moz in a wheelchair.

After a couple of moments of pure confusion, it actually dawns on what you’re seeing. And it’s great.

The pair have reportedly been pals, of sorts, since 2011 when Morrissey invited Barton backstage. The footballer also met the singer in September and posted a picture on his Instagram, presumably when recording the video.

Obviously, the people of Twitter were amused and bewildered after they saw the clip.

Here are a few of the best reactions:

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