Dan Brown takes aim at Irish football fans in his new Robert Langdon novel

In the Da Vinci Code author's latest book, 'Origin', he disparages the good name of Irish supporters...


Best-selling author of the Robert Langdon series of novels, Dan Brown, appears to have included a tirade against Irish football fans in his latest offering, Origin.

Once the passage, in which two of Martin O’Neill’s Tipsy Green Army enter a pub and behave loutishly, came to light, the Hibernian public was quick to respond. So intense did the backlash become that Ryan Tubridy, an RTE Radio 1 host, ended up debating the passages it on his show.

All things considered, it’s probably just a case of an American being stereotypically off-the-mark when it comes to football, rather than a sincere grudge against the Boys in Green.

Still, it’s all quite amusing. See for yourself below

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Here’s a closer look:

Images via @NaomiOhReally on Twitter.

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