We’re live streaming tonight’s big international fixture – should be as entertaining as watching paint dry

Watching paint dry just got interesting...


Bored punters who would rather watch paint dry than witness England edge their way to the World Cup against Slovenia tonight have been handed an alternative – watching paint dry.

That’s because we’ll be live-streaming the world’s first Paint Drying Championships on our Facebook page during the England match.

It will see four colours go head-to-head for the crown – blue, red, yellow, and green – and will be broadcast live from Power Tower in Dublin, complete with a full commentary team.

Spokesman Paddy Power said: “Some may say I’m just jealous because England are going to the World Cup and Ireland might not be.

“But even the English lads in the office admit that games like tonight’s one for the Three Lions are usually awful. For those who say they’d rather watch paint dry, now they can do exactly that.”


5/2         Green
5/2         Red
5/2         Yellow
5/2         Blue

Paddy Power’s Paint Drying Championship will be available to watch online here from 7.45pm.

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