It’s Old Firm Derby Day, and James McClean does his traditional Rangers Trolling

We all woke up expecting this one today didn't we?


As James McClean woke bleary eyed this morning in his king size green and white striped sleigh bed, he remembers that he’s not playing until Monday. And then he remembers it’s against a spineless Arsenal side. Aaaah. So he smiles smugly as he pulls the duvet up for another little snuggle.

But then just as he’s all settled in for another little lie on, his eyes spring open. It’s Old Firm Derby day of course!! Silly James.

And of course, our James doesn’t want to let us all down on one of the biggest days in the Scottish season, so he hops out of bed in his hooped pyjamas, grabs his phone and of course trolls Rangers.

Sure it’s tradition at this stage. How could we forget when he tweeted that he couldn’t find Rangers last year when he was trying to play an Old Firm Derby on FIFA 2016? Or when Celtic thrashed Rangers 5-1, after he sat on the bench for 90mins watching a West Brom 1-0 defeat to Bournemouth.

But sure there’s so many now we can hardly remember. Anyway, he never disappoints on Old Firm day our little James.

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