Paul Ince: Frank De Boer knows his stuff – he’s been made to look a fool by ‘obscene’ Crystal Palace

The former Manchester United midfielder says the Eagles were wrong to change manager so early – but that Roy Hodgson is a ‘great’


Palace let De Boer down

The situation at Crystal Palace is a shame, a massive one at that. At the end of the day, Frank de Boer has come in and he’s been left to look like a fool, despite the fact he won four titles at Ajax and has plenty of experience.

The way he plays he has took into how he coaches, he knows his stuff. It’s obscene to see the way he’s been treated – being sacked after four matches. What can anyone accomplish in four matches as a manager?

When you’re trying to change a system or the way a club works, it takes time. He couldn’t just walk into the club and change it within a game or two.

What, really, did Palace expect from him? They knew what they were getting when they signed him up.

You’ve got to feel sorry for him. It’s not as though you were watching the performances and they were the absolute worst team in the league. They were unlucky against Burnley despite actually being the better team. Against Liverpool at Anfield, they deserved a draw.

Can you really blame Frank for his team missing sitters? I don’t think so. And with Palace this season, that has been the case a few times. If the players don’t want to pull their weight, you can’t really blame him for doing what he can.

There’s no doubt he’ll be disappointed, because how could you not be. He’s been let down by the club who don’t want to change their ways and won’t allow anyone to.

Roy is a great manager – but Palace need to change

De Boer wasn’t given any time – and now we’ve got to hope that they’ll give Roy Hodgson some patience as he is very set in his ways, too.

He’s methodical and he’ll make sure players have key responsibilities and roles, and they’ll be sure to know about it.

They’ll likely be compact and tough to beat, but it’s as much down to the players to actually have the desire to win games. Because let’s face it, the manager can’t do it all whether it’s Roy or Frank.

Not only that, but they’ve got some really tough games coming up. Man United, City and Chelsea all in their next few games. So you’ve really got to hope the players are ready to turn up and fight for it, regardless of who the manager is. Can you see them getting three points in all of those? Probably not.

Roy is a great manager, no doubt. But we’ll never know whether Frank is just as good because he was never given a chance at Palace.

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