Sheamus claims Sadio Mane has a big future in WWE after ‘sweet Brogue kick’

It looks as if it's going to take some time for Sadio Mane to live this one down...


Yesterday afternoon, Liverpool attacker Sadio Mane delivered a flying kick to the face of Manchester City goalkeeper Ederson Moraes. Mane was sent off as a result, an unjust punishment for the minor offence of raking his studs across his opponent’s cheekbones.

The debate continues to rage on social media, between those who believe booting someone in the head is fine so long as it’s unintentional, and those who don’t.

One Twitterite even went so far as to draw a comparison between Mane’s challenge and the signature move of a certain WWE superstar…

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User @Madridesta8 posted a Tweet containing footage of the incident along with the words ‘brogue kick @WWESheamus’.

For those of you unfamiliar with this particular move, here it is in action:

As you can see, there are plenty of similarities between the ‘Brogue Kick’ and Mane’s airborne assault on Ederson.

And Sheamus himself was clearly pleased with the comparison, quoting the original Tweet along with a quick motivational message, and a suggestion for a post-football career, for the dismissed Liverpool wizard:

Some of the replies are also well worth a look:

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