Watch: Besiktas welcome Negredo with worst transfer announcement video yet

There’s bad and then there’s this…


While we at Paddy Power can’t wait for the season to start, we’re also really looking forward the transfer window shutting just to stop the new craze sweeping football.

Yep, you’ve guessed it. It’s the new fad of s**t transfer announcement videos that has swept through the sport faster than rise of Corbynistas!

We thought Sevilla’s ‘kidnapping’ announcement of Jesus Navas – the greatest Premier League fraud of all time – would take some topping. Well, we were so wrong.

Enter Besiktas, who decided to join the party with an effort so bad it’s made us pine for the days when all you got was a photo of the player holding up his new jersey.

Thankfully the clip proclaiming the signing of former Middlesbrough striker Álvaro Negredo is less than 40 seconds long. Look out for horribly forced cameos from Ricardo Quaresma and Pepe as well.

Watch it for yourself, if you dare, below:

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