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Watch: Napoli sub makes the most instant of impacts against Juventus

This is exactly how you show the boss you should’ve been on from the start…


Napoli boss Maurizio Sarri was made to look a tactical genius last night after making one of the best substitutions in recent memory.

The Naples outfit were taking on Italian giants Juventus in the second leg of their Copa Italia semi-final trailing 3-1 from the first leg in Turin.

With his side losing 2-1 on the night, Sarri called Belgian international Dries Mertens from the bench around the hour mark and it’s proved to be a stroke of genius.

Within 10 seconds of entering the contest Mertens latched onto a missed touch from Juve’s second string keeper Neto (Gianluigi Buffon had been rested) and netted the leveller almost immediately for his side.

Napoli would go on to win the match 3-2 on the night, but it was Juventus who’d advance to the final with a 5-4 victory on aggregate. Still at the very least they learned not to keep Mertens on the bench and you can see his instant impact for yourself below:

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