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Arsenal fans take toy dogs to training ground in Wenger Out protest

Masks, a day off work and cuddly toys are the scenes currently ongoing at London Colney


Oh, Arsenal fans. What would we do without you? From flying planes over your stadium and fighting on your own supporters’ YouTube channel to taking the day off work on a Tuesday to protest.

They’re nothing if not committed, and the latest display from fans nearly tops them all.

What looks like two fans have taken to London Colney, Arsenal’s training ground, in their latest #WengerOut protest. Only this time, they’ve taken with them their little sisters’ cuddly Golden Retrievers, a mock “4th place” trophy and a pair of masks.

It looks to have been organised by @NoNewContract – a Twitter page for a Wenger Out protest group. Alongside the unbelievable Wenger Out/Sanchez In nativity scene, there are also plenty of angry banners, for good measure.

Oh Arsenal fans, never change.

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