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Watch: Things are so bad at Aston Villa even Steve Bruce is making jokes

If you can’t beat them, join them we suppose…

Life really hasn’t been great if you happen to be an Aston Villa fan for some time now and it doesn’t help when even your own manager has got to the point of joking about it.

After being relegated from the Premier League last season, Villa’s Championship campaign has been nothing short of a shambles so far as they sit just seven points above the relegation zone.

The Villains are yet to win a game in 2017 and have lost 7 of their last nine despite shelling out a boat-load of cash in January on new players, so you get the miserable picture we’re trying to paint here.

Things don’t get any easier for them on Monday night when they have to travel to St James’ Park to face leaders Newcastle and during his press conference before that match yesterday, even Steve Bruce couldn’t help but laugh at the club’s current plight.

Like the rest of us he feels like Villa need some divine inspiration to turn it all around. You can see his joke for yourself below:

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