Paddy Power Kicker: Win even bigger on the Champions League thanks to Kicker!

Win more if your team thumps the opposition with Kicker in this week's Champions League fixtures...

There’s nothing quite like seeing the team you’ve backed blast three, four or five goals past the opposition. Sure, a win is a win, but seeing your team go three goals ahead feels a lot more satisfying than a one-nil win.

What if we could tell you it could feel even better? You could steal some more of Paddy’s hard-earned and buy yourself a pizza and some cans?

That’s why some clever lads in Power Tower came up with the new ‘Kicker‘ product. If you add a Kicker to your win-draw-win pre-live football bet, the more goals your selected team wins by, the more your return goes up… And the more cash ends up in your pocket!

To get kicked off, just place a bet on your football team to win. For example stick €10 on Bayern Munich to beat Arsenal, the Bundesliga Champions and five-times winners of the Champions League, who The Gunners have drawn (again) in the last-16 of this year’s European tournament.

You can see from the image above, that if I check the little box for “Add a Kicker to your bet” , I can boost my winnings if Bayern win by two, three, or four or more goals. That takes my winnings up to over fifty quid if they win by four or more goals! Nice.

Now, it’s worth bearing in mind that Wenger’s side have not progressed to the quarter-finals of the UCL for the last six seasons, and have faced Bayern Munich four times in five years, with three of those games being in the last 16 of the tournament.

In fact, the last time they met in Munich, the German giants smashed them 5-1. If only you’d had a Kicker bet on.

There’s a long list of things we weren’t expecting on Valentine’s Day. One of those was PSG to make Barcelona look more like Crawley Town, with Neymar’s performance reminiscent of Eric Djemba Djemba.

Still, if you’d had a Kicker bet you’d be in the money.



As you can see from the screen above, a tenner Kicker on PSG to beat Barcelona – with the game finishing 4-0 – would’ve returned you a tasty €215. 

What do you think?