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Watch: Celtic take the p**s with goal that includes rabona and a backheel

It’s easy for them to look like Barcelona in Scotland, but this just takes the cake

Celtic’s utter domination of the Scottish Premiership can be as boring as listening to James Milner speak at times, but every once in a while they remain us why they are so much better than the rest.

The Hoops are now 27 points clear of second placed Aberdeen thanks to a 5-2 come-from-behind victory against St Johnstone yesterday.

Having trailed 2-1 to the home side, the introduction of the highly-rated Moussa Dembele in the 58th minute turned the game on its head. Three minutes later he had levelled the contest, before going on to score a 24th minute hat-trick to lead them to the win.

But it was his hat-trick goal that caught our attention more than the rest, as Celtic launched into one of the best team goals you’re likely to see.

You can bitch about opposition they are playing against all you want, but when you see a goal that includes rabona and a backheel you have to sit up and take notice. You can watch the strike in all its glory below:

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