Arsenal fans have a banner printed… in tribute to Alexis Sanchez’s dogs

Who's a good boy?


With Alexis Sanchez’s contract set to run out at the end of the season, Arsenal fans have hatched a cunning plan to keep him at the club. Arguably The Gunners’ best player, with 15 goals and 13 assists in all competitions, it has taken a fairly big gesture to help persuade him to stay put.

Keen to show that they are the biggest mentalists in the Premier League, they have been crowdfunding to have two banners made featuring Atom & Humber. If you didn’t already know, or have been living under a rock, they are Sanchez’s two Golden Retrievers.

Already famous in their own right after featuring in television adverts, on billboards and on their Instagram account, they are known to be Sancez’s biggest loves in life. Arsenal fans are confident that this is the way to his heart, and the way to keeping him at the Emirates.


According to the crowdfunding page, which has already surpassed its £500 target, there will be one flag hung permanently at the front of the Upper Tier, and one displayed as the teams enter the pitch.

Despite over 66 people donating in 13 hours, the banner has been met with some mixed reaction on Twitter. Including fans expressing concern that poor Atom & Humber will be the targets of abusive chants. No really, you read that correctly. One lad even suggested a new banner saying ‘Sign in a hurry or they’re going in a curry’.

Poor Atom & Humber, being dragged into all of this bizarre Arsenal Twitter behaviour. All they want to do is eat Pedigree Chum and have their tummy scratched.

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