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WATCH: Usain Bolt surprises Manchester United Television with phone-in call after Middlesbrough game

See the moment the world's quickest man rang up the television phone-in


Football phone-ins are a wondrous thing. We’ve come to love and expect calls from¬†Kevin in Wigan, 48, that rings up to complain about Paul Pogba’s dabs or the width of Memphis Depay’s hat.

However, the Manchester United Television presenters got more than they bargained for when Usain Bolt rang up after the Middlesbrough game to share his thoughts.

As the call came in, presenter Mandy Henry introduced the caller as “Usain from Jamaica.” She went on to say, “it’s not Usain Bolt, is it?”

Henry still didn’t seem to quite believe him – understandably, he is the quickest bloke in the world – as he went on to give his opinion on the New Year’s Eve 2-1 victory.

United came from behind, and Bolt said: “They came through like the old Manchester United.

“They came through and pushed on and persevered, the Manchester United way. It was a great match, I am very happy about this.”


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