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Legendary referee admits to robbing hotel bog rolls

Everyone loves a hotel five finger discount

Ah the joy of pinching stuff from hotels, we’ve all done it.

Howard Webb is not a man you would associate with dishonest acts, but in a recent interview with Four Four Two Webb admitted he’s partial to the occasional five finger discount.

The legendary referee claims he throws the occasional ‘complementary’  hotel loo rolls into his bag before he leaves, telling the magazine “I’ve nicked a few toilet rolls from hotels.

It’s not my fault I didn’t get the sh*its during my stay. It’s legitimately my toilet roll to use”. (H/T to @jonathanliew)

Fair play Howard, we’d be aiming for the higher ticket items like the velvety bath robes and fluffy slippers, but each to their own.

Webb, now a pundit on BT Sports, also claimed earlier this month that players would ask him to give out bookings so they would be suspended for the Christmas period.

Isn’t he the gift that keeps on giving?

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