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TWEETS: Man United and Arsenal fans react to Antonio Valencia fall in the box

Was it a penalty for you?

The first half of Manchester United v Arsenal wasn’t great to say the least, but there’s one incident in particular that had tongues wagging for football fans.

The opening period of ReUnited proved to be the worse reunion since the Backstreet Boys, but Antonio Valencia’s fall in the box on 35 minutes had supporters losing their minds on social media.

Olivier Giroud’s late headed goal cost Man United all three points in the 1-1 draw, and it could have been oh-so different if Valencia’s penalty claim had been awarded .

For the neutral it would have been harsh, although Ryan Giggs in the Sky studio said he would have given it despite feeling the decision would be as “soft” – like his managerial CV then!

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Of course, fans of both sides saw the incident quite differently!

Man United lovers somehow couldn’t believe Valencia would dive in that position:

Of course, Gunners’ supporters felt it was an act of simulation:

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What do you think?