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Watch: Fans use phones to light up Stadium of Light after power cut

Is there nothing phones can’t do these days?

We know things have been fairly dim at Sunderland of late, but this was a bit ridiculous!

Leading 1-0 in the second half of their Premier League game with Hull today, the aptly named Stadium of Light lost power in the 53rd minute causing fans of the Black Cats to take action.

Pulling out their mobiles, Sunderland’s supporters were so desperate to win the game they lit up the ground with their phones and sang “we’ll play in the dark”.

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Eventually, power was restored to the stadium six minutes later and it seemed to zap the home side into action as they picked off a second goal soon after.

With Sunderland sitting on the bottom of the Premier League before kick-off, manager David Moyes must have felt like the darkness of a sacking was closing in.

However, goals from Jermaine Defoe and a brace from Victor Anichebe – coupled with a Swansea draw at Everton – have brightened up his day, as a 3-0 victory for Sunderland has finally moved them out of the basement position in the league.

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