VIDEO: What happened when Paul Scholes was rudely interrupted by some noisy Italian fans

Can the Manchester United legend really ping it on somebody's head from 40 yards?


Paul Scholes is famous for many things. Unbelievable range of passing. Devotion to Manchester United. Family man. Speaks the truth. Questionable tackling.

There’s something else…

Alex Ferguson once said: “The most amazing thing is Paul Scholes, in the morning, when a player goes to have a pee at the side of the training pitch and he fires balls from 40 yards right on top of their head! He’s unbelievable.”

We recently filmed the Man United legend, aka SatNav, talking about general World Cup stuff, but our crew was rudely interrupted by some conveniently-placed Italian types.

This was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to capture on camera Scholes’ legendary ability to smack somebody in the head from distance. And who wouldn’t  like to do that to some continental Europeans.

Here’s what happened…

So, Scholes has proved he can do it (in trainers and jeans, in one take). Over to you, Wayne.

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