Football Tips: The 3 best bets for Arsenal v West Brom on Sunday night

Our tipster Andrew Cunneen is in far better form than Arsenal after an 11/1 Europa League winner in midweek and now locks his focus on the visit of West Brom.


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What’s worse here for Arsenal fans? A resounding 6-0 win over already-relegated West Brom that just gives Mikel Arteta more ammo in his end-of-season performance review with the Arsenal board, or drawing 0-0 with the worst team in the division not named Sheffield United?

I genuinely don’t know. All I do know is that Arsenal fans have to live in a state of perpetual sadness since Arsene Wenger left the club – and if I’m going to sit here and state they’ll be held by West Brom, that would be me not seeing the full picture.


Now, Sunday is a bit stingy in terms of playing after a Europa League Thursday – on the continent or not – and if you think Arsenal didn’t try against Villarreal when the stakes were as high as they’ve been all season, what makes you believe it’ll be any better here?

Well, the answer for that only really lies in the fact that Arteta probably knows it’s his job here. And given the players genuinely seem to like him and not just as a fashion inspo, so they’ll try to back him. Maybe It’s because his ballwork sessions must resemble leisurely strolls through Hyde Park. Anyway, time to profit/compensate from the misery of having an Arsenal fan in your life/being said Arsenal fan.

Arsenal v West Brom
Sunday, May 9: 7pm
BT Sport

Short-Price Punt: Both Teams to Score: No

It’s nice to play this Both Teams To Score? No punt off with a few outs. So, on the off-chance Arsenal actually aren’t bothered, they might not score.

On the off-chance that Arsenal are blindingly brilliant, then West Brom won’t be able to score. Or if the game becomes even remotely pedestrian like it tends to with Arsenal controlling the ball but doing nothing with it (we need only to flashback to Thursday for said performance), then neither team will score.

Bob’s your uncle, Mary’s your auntie and Mikel Arteta is your stepfather who laughs at every article of clothing you buy off ASOS.

Value Play: West Brom and the Draw

They’ve nothing to play for. They’re almost inept in their own third of the pitch. They have no attacking threat, realistically. Their gaffer would rather be ‘round the local singing songs about his Bolton Wanderers side from two decades ago – and yano the worst part?

They’re the exact type of side that Arsenal won’t be able to breakdown at home. Sometimes cliches are tiresome. But sometimes they’re only the way to punt – and in this situation, it feels right. Our value play is West Brom and The Draw Double Chance.

Long Shot: 0-0 Draw

What a way to go, the 0-0 Draw. Picture it: back-to-back nil-all draws against Sam Allardyce – antithesis of all your philosophy represents – and Umai Emery, the man you brought in to replace because his football was deemed not good enough.

Arsenal, a side with more possession than Linda Blair, but with less end substance than that face scrub you paid seventy quid for because an Instagram influencer told you to.

Actually, come to think of it, Mikel definitely has a fall-back gig in skincare promotion if he wants. God love him, he couldn’t manage a football club to save his life, but he does appear well-groomed.

Tips for Arsenal v West Brom

Short-Price Punt: Both Teams to Score: No
Value Play: West Brom and the Draw
Long Shot: 0-0 Draw

* All prices are bang up to date with our snazzy widgets, while odds in copy are accurate at time of publishing but subject to change.




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