Breaking – Premier League investigate club for NOT breaching FFP rules

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A yet to be named Premier League club has been referred to an independent commission after it was found NOT to have breached financial fair play rules, Paddy Power News can exclusively reveal.

It follows an audit of Premier League club’s financial records after former Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich was accused of making undisclosed payments to a British Virgin Islands-based company owned by a Mr. Canary M. Burns.

LONDON, ENGLAND – FEBRUARY 04: Richard Masters, Chief Executive of Premier League, addresses journalists during a media briefing on February 04, 2020 in London, England. (Photo by Alex Morton/Getty Images for Premier League)

The latest claims have come to light from leaked documents dubbed ‘Magaluf Confidential’.

A Premier League statement today confirmed the unnamed club had been referred to an independent commission that will rule on the case.

‘In accordance with Premier League Rule W.82.1, the Premier League confirms that it has today referred an alleged compliance of the League’s Profitability and Sustainability Rules by a Premier League club to a Commission under Rule W.3.4

‘The club in question appears not to be owned by a sheikh, oligarch or shady businessman which immediately raised some red flags.

‘Our audit of the club’s finances revealed no offshore payments, overinflated inflated agent fees or bogus sponsorship deals’.

    ‘Most shocking of all the club has sold none of its ageing stars to the Saudi Pro League for 7 times the player’s actual market value’.

    ‘In short, we can’t believe there’s still a topflight club out there who aren’t big fat cheating b******s, so we’ve asked for a second opinion’.

    The statement went on to explain what punishment the club might face if the independent commission finds any financial irregularities.

    ‘If the club is found to have breached Financial Fair Play (FFP) rules, we’ll threaten them with a huge fine, a points deduction and even relegation’.

    ‘But to be honest, we’re shit scared of a European Super League happening, so it’ll most likely be five minutes on the naughty step’.

    When asked by Paddy Power News to release the name of the club in question, the Premier League responded:

    ‘We can tell you which clubs it definitely isn’t’.

    *Paddy Power’s football coverage is pure fantasy – don’t believe it for a second

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