Paddy Power celebrates major win for VAR officials – 13 days without a balls up!

We love to recognise excellence when we see it and the last 13 days have been a spectacular success by VAR's standards...


We thought a ‘well done boys, good process’ was in order this week for VAR officials in Stockley Park so have put up a giant billboard next to the football TV replay HQ to to celebrate officials reaching a whole 13 days without a balls-up.

The fact that the international break occurred for the entire duration of that spell takes nothing from this achievement in our view.

Paddy sent two of our finest employees to the VAR offices this week to erect the specially commissioned sign to mark this momentous occasion.

Standing at six meters wide and three meters high, there could be no mistaking the warmth of its message ahead of the return to domestic action today.

In hindsight we should have angled it a little more to the left, but there was a small miscommunication. The lads had already put the posts in the ground by the time we noticed the error, so we just let them crack on.

They’re the best in the business. It didn’t seem sensible to question them. There are no protocols in place at Paddy Power for managing unpredictable situations like a change of mind, so it is what it is now.

They want an immediate investigation into how we got it wrong, but the boss has yoga, so they’ll probably push it to Monday. If things get heated we’ll remind them of Man City’s Mateo Kovacic and maybe they’ll forget?

The billboard’s numbers are interchangeable and while we were keen to show support to VAR officials following a difficult few weeks, they confirmed they had hedged their bets and ordered an extra zero from Amazon, just in case.

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