Phil Thompson: Harry Kane will thrive at Bayern Munich

As the curtain closes on Harry Kane's Spurs career, Phil Thompson says he'll be a success at Bayern Munich.


Should Kylian Mbappe move to Real Madrid in the near future, PSG are going to be in the market for a new striker but with Bayern Munich letting Sadio Mane leave after a lacklustre season as well as a bust up with other players, Harry Kane looks like the right fit for the Bavarians.

Phil Thompson tells us why Kane will be a success in Germany.

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I think Harry Kane moving abroad would be a nice move. It’s the type of move that would probably whet the appetite of a young footballer, he’s just turned 30 years of age so it’s going to be a big move for him and I think he’s interested in it.

Also, I think Spurs would like him to move abroad rather than stay in England, that suits their model and they wouldn’t want him to damage them when playing against them.

So with this Bayern Munich deal, the numbers will be crunched, Kane and his agents will know what they’re getting into, and the agents will know what their commission is, don’t worry about that, so that side of it will be well-known by the parties but it’s all just about coming to an agreement now between all those involved.

I know Joe Lewis (Tottenham Hotspur owner) has gotten involved and he’s pretty much said that we have to get money out of this, he cannot leave our football club on a free transfer next summer. That’s just the way Premier League clubs are, this sort of player cannot just leave for free.

Harry Kane, 12-22

I know Kane’s only got a year left on his contract but it needs to be in the region of around £90m and I think that sort of cash would seal the deal.

I don’t think him moving abroad will have any effect on him as England’s striker. It’s Bayern Munich, it’s still a very high profile football team and it’s still a very good league. If he was going, like Jordan Henderson from Liverpool, to Saudi Arabia at his level of form and fitness that would be completely different.

I think PSG will make a move though, if, or when, they get good money for Kylian Mbappe they’ve going to have a hole to fill especially with Lionel Messi transferring to Inter Miami as well. But I think the Bundesliga will suit him well, there have been many English players over the years who have thrived in Germany and, of course, they’re such a successful club too, I think he’ll do very well there and I think that’s where he’ll end up.

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    The latest football odds are on now


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