Lawro: Brendan Rodgers a good fit for Spurs and Todd Boehly’s treating Chelsea like a toy

Mark Lawrenson delivers his verdict on a busy weekend in the managerial merry-go-round.

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Rodgers a good fit for Spurs

I know Brendan quite well but his problem was that Leicester have hardly spent any money. He’s got players whose contracts are up at the end of the season and Jamie Vardy’s lost that half a yard that got him all his goals. Vardy’s obviously had things going on off the pitch as well.

You look at the club and this year was always going to be one where they tried to hold on, clear some debts, sell some players, and it just hasn’t worked. He’s a good coach, though, is Brendan.

He could quite easily get the Tottenham job because that’s essentially what Spurs want.

They don’t want a manager, they want a coach

They might end up going for one of the European guys like Julian Naglesmann, Oliver Glasner or Arne Slot but I think Rodgers would be a good fit there.

I think Brendan will get a job whenever he wants one. It’s now completely transformed from the old manager system. Clubs just want coaches and it’s very interesting that these chief executives are becoming as important as the managers at clubs which is just ridiculous to me.

Brendan Rodgers

Potter Didn’t Get A Fair Chance At Chelsea

I feel really sorry for Graham Potter because they bought all these players and spent God knows how much, but they never signed a centre forward. It’s alright coming in and buying X, Y and Z and some for the future as well, but he’s paid the price now.

They’ve got Romelu Lukaku out on loan at Inter. They should have just kept him. Money’s not an issue, it’s not like they’re struggling to pay his wages.

I just feel that Todd Boehly’s treating the club like a toy at the moment

I get that they’ve signed all these relatively young players to come through and that they might go on to become top, top players, but if nobody scores for you now you’re not going to win games.

Look at Tottenham with Harry Kane and Erling Haaland at Manchester City. All the best teams have outstanding strikers. I’m not saying that the lads who play up front for Chelsea aren’t good but they are absolutely not regular goal scorers.

Graham Potter

Kai Havertz is the top scorer with seven and we’re in April. The game that got Potter the boot was against Villa. They’re in great form and they just look to come in and sit in. That’s the way Unai Emery plays.

You know that sometimes you’re going to get beat by teams who play like that if you’re not creating enough chances. Chelsea created a lot at the weekend and they’ve been in decent form of late so the timing is strange.

I think Potter will take some time away and reflect but I’d imagine that all the other managers in the league are looking at it and thinking, ‘Oh my God. How mad has this period been for him?’

One of his problems going forward would be, you know what supporters are like, they’ll be thinking, ‘Oh, he’s only managed Brighton. We want someone who’s won the World Cup or the Champions League.’ I think that mentality is harsh on him.

It’s Panic Stations In Premier League Boardrooms

Teams are panicking, the sackings are racking up. You can’t tell me that if Southampton hadn’t kept Ralph Hasenhuttl that they wouldn’t have six to nine more points than they do have now. He’s a good manager and he signed some good players.

Everyone’s panicking, I get that. Nobody wants to go down or miss out on the top four. But, sometimes with your football club, if you go down it helps sort a side out. Most teams who go down come back up. It’s only the real basket case clubs that really suffer and that’s unsustainable anyway.


The other thing I would say to all these teams changing managers at the moment is, it’s alright sacking the manager but if you don’t have a plan then what’s the point? What is the point? Bruno Saltor’s taken over at Chelsea, okay fine, but they’re now scrambling around just to get a top manager in.

If you were to ask me who would be a good manager for Chelsea now top of my list would be Thomas Tuchel!

That’s what they need, somebody like him!

Obviously that ship has sailed now but I always think it’s like if David Moyes gets sacked at West Ham, who do they need? They need David Moyes! The whole thing’s just crazy.


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