Golden hairdryer added to Sir Alex Ferguson Premier League Hall of Fame exhibition

It even flicks spit in your face! So authentic.


The gongs were being handed out again this week with Sir Alex Ferguson and Arsene Wenger both being inducted into the Premier League Hall of Fame.

Paddy Power News however, has been given exclusive access to the Hall of Fame and can reveal how the two managerial icons will be commemorated by the league.

An unnamed insider explained how: “Their managerial CVs were never in question of course, but we also considered their other contributions to the game as they are part of the true legacy of these great figures”.

“For instance, Sir Alex will be awarded a sold gold hairdryer in recognition of his legendary dressing-room rants.

“And we’ve also picked up a golden boot for him too – no, not the one for top goal scorer, but the one that smacked Beckham in the face all those years ago plated in gold.

The league has also collected a piece of even more significance to all United fans.

“We’ve secured the actual piece of chewing gum Sir Alex Ferguson left in Brian Kidd’s hair after that famous pitch invasion following Steve Bruce’s late winner against Sheffield Wednesday.”

“It’ll be stored in the Hall of Fame and will soon be going on display at the Football Museum in Manchester alongside the remains of the balloon that Mick Phelan burst on the bench at Stamford Bridge causing Sir Alex to soil himself.

“He wouldn’t let us have the underpants however.”

So much for Sir Alex. What about Fergie’s arch rival for all those years, Arsene Wenger.

“Arsene Wenger’s legendary status was cemented by the league titles he won with Arsenal, and also by the fact that he remains the only manager to ever get trapped inside his own coat.

“Also, his Christ-like pose in the crowd after being sent-off at Old Trafford, is one of the Premier League’s most iconic images and will be replayed on a loop in the Premier League Hall of Fame exhibition.”

“Of course, he also coached Arsenal Invincibles team of 2004, but the panel felt his inability to see anything controversial his players did while sat on the bench is a skill that no other manager has managed to master before or since and set Wenger aside from all his contemporaries.

And he also changed the game in the UK as a whole when he arrived at Arsenal in 1996, which the league is keen to acknowledge.

“He changed the way the modern Premier League player refuels. The opposition he faced at Highbury when he got rid of tomato ketchup and banned fry-ups was savage, but he came through it and was ultimately proven right.

Indeed, the Premier League Hall of Fame visitors centre already serves an Arsene Wenger’s ‘I can’t believe it’s not 10 pints and a kebab’ chicken & pasta dish to mark his impact on dietary habits in the British game, which can be enjoyed with a glass (or pint) of Sam Allardyce’s sour grapes wine.


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