Conte flies “Sack Me” plane banner over Tottenham Stadium

They still haven't sacked him?!


Tottenham Hotspur manager Antonio Conte has been spotted piloting a light aircraft with the message “Sack me lolspurs” trailing behind it, Paddy Power News understands.

Local residents spotted a Cessna 172 Skyhawk circling the area of the Tottenham High Road early this morning and eagle-eyed plane-watchers quickly determined it was being flown by an irate Italian man based on the expletives emanating from the aircraft.

Trailing behind the plane is a message many take to be directed at the club’s chief decision maker, Daniel Levy.

“Antonio’s done everything he could to get the sack in recent weeks, bar spelling it out in 6-foot high letters and shoving it in Levy’s face,” a club source said

“Until now.”

Indeed, our club insider revealed a string of events said to have raised concerns about the ex-Chelsea manager’s commitment to the club.

“He’s been using Levy’s favourite mug in the canteen; he turned up at training last week with a new customised licence plate that reads “GUNN3R5″; and, most suspicious of all, he has Oliver Skipp in the team. Regularly.”

“He’s begging to be fired.”

“The other day someone even found his CV in the printer tray.”

Our source claims Conte said he’d printed it “by accident” and forgot about it, but those who saw the document said it had already been updated with the following under “Most recent position”:

“Tottenham – March 2023 – Reason for Leaving: Are you f**king serious?!”

The latest dramatic development was prompted by an embarrassing 3-3 draw with relegation certainties Southampton on Saturday after which the manager lambasted the club.

“This club reminds of the Capri Sun when you are a kid, eh?”

“No bottle.”

“They need the Head and Shoulders they’re so flaky, yes?”

“And they’re so tight with the money too – I’m not sure which was more recent; the last time they won a trophy or the last time they opened their wallet, eh?”

Conte concluded the press conference by thanking Jimmy Carr for helping him with the series of one-liners.

However, the string of insults did not result in his desired dismissal, leading to the plane stunt this morning – and there are worries around the club the situation could escalate before Levy gives the livid Conte his P45.

“We’ve already been told he’s booked a train ticket in Harry Kane’s name to Manchester and he’s not afraid to use it.”

Though the Spurs trophy room is thought to be safe from any potential assault.

“Nothing worth damaging, is there?” we were told.

*Paddy Power’s breaking news coverage is 110% nonsense and that’s the truth. Honest.


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