Pep Guardiola bemoans 4-hour Sutton United trip as Man City face Premier League expulsion 

City just can't catch a break, can they...?

Pep Guardiola admits his players are dreading the thought of an ‘exhausting’ trip to South London to face Sutton United next season. 

Manchester City could be demoted to League Two following a four-year investigation by the Premier League who charged the club with more than 100 breaches of its financial rules. 

Guardiola blamed yesterday’s 1-0 defeat at Tottenham on an arduous four-hour road trip from Manchester to London onboard a luxury coach. 

Now, with City facing Premier League expulsion, the Spaniard is less than enthused with the prospect of away games in the capital against the likes of Sutton United, Leyton Orient and AFC Wimbledon.


“These four hour bus journeys in reclining massage chairs take an enormous physical and mental toll on the players,” Guardiola told Paddy Power News.

“Making young men in peak physical condition sit on their arses for prolonged periods with only £1000s worth of state-of-the-art technology to keep them occupied is barbaric.”

When asked if he was looking forward to a trip to Wimbledon, the former Barca boss replied: “You mean the tennis, no?”

Following a recap on Wimbledon’s history, Guardiola added: “Vinnie Jones played football? Wow, I thought he was just a sh*te actor.”

Jack Grealish, Man City, 1-23

In related news, there were emotional scenes outside the Etihad Stadium last night when Manchester City staff and players were finally reunited with family members following their bus journey from North London.

Players described the horrific four-hour ordeal after an emotional reunion with their wives, girlfriends and children.

“Jack Grealish kept asking the driver ‘are we there yet? Are we there yet?’,” sobbed Kevin De Bruyne. “Then he steamed up the window with his breath and a drew a large penis on it.

“I thought the journey would never end.”


The 31-year-old went on to describe the inhumane conditions on board the £1m-plus coach.

“The chef only had two Michelin Stars,” the Belgian added. “Bluefin Tuna? What sort of pre-match meal is that?

“Sheikh Mansour arranged for a special on-board screening of Christopher Nolan’s new period biopic Oppenheimer which isn’t in cinemas until July.

“But Nolan’s films are a bit time intensive for my tastes. 6.5/10.”

*Just an FYI, folks, in case you hadn’t worked it out… Paddy Power’s breaking news coverage is 110% nonsense

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