Messi Semi-final: FIFA pick Simeone to referee Argentina v Croatia

All above board I'm sure...


FIFA have chosen Diego Simeone to referee the World Cup semi-final clash between Argentina and Croatia.

They hope the appointment will a long way to rejecting claims the organization is showing bias towards Lionel Messi’s Argentina at the tournament.

Argentine captain Diego Simeone celebrates after his team defeated England 4-3 on penalty shots in a second-round World Cup match in St Etienne June 30. Argentina advances to the quarter-finals.

There have been accusations the Argentines are receiving favourable treatment from officials in what is likely to be Messi’s last World Cup finals.

Simeone will be assisted by Juan Sebastian Veron and Gabriel Batistuta with Pope Francis overseeing things in the VAR room.

‘We hope Diego’s appointment will finally put to bed those silly rumours that FIFA want Lionel Messi to play in a World Cup final’, FIFA president Gianni Infantino told Paddy Power News.

‘Our organization has always been renowned for its honesty, integrity and transparency’, he said while stuffing a manilla coloured envelope with thousands of Argentine Pesos.

‘We will not allow FIFA’s good name to be besmirched by these outrageous accusations.

Lionel Messi

‘Despite earning 108 caps for La Albiceleste and being a general sh*thouse, I’m sure Diego will make decisions on the field of play with total impartiality.

‘May the best team win’, he added, while struggling to keep a straight face.

Simeone’s appointment sent Cristiano Ronaldo fan-boy Piers Morgan into a Twitter meltdown.


The TV presenter took a 5-minute respite from ranting about Meghan Markle and Prince Harry to accuse FIFA of having an agenda against Ronaldo.

‘This is sheer bias against my GOAT, Cristiano Ronaldo’, tweeted the former tabloid editor.

‘Ronaldo thinks the same by the way. I know this because he told me. By text. Because I have his number. Because we’re friends. Best friends. So, to make that clear, I am best friends with Cristiano Ronaldo’.

‘Does anyone remember the time Ronaldo said I have nice abs? In case you’ve forgotten, I’ve pinned that snippet from our interview to the top of my Twitter profile. Totally normal behaviour for a 57-year-old man’.

*Paddy Power’s breaking news coverage is 110% nonsense

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