Peter Crouch: Antony showboating wasn’t well-timed – but I liked the skill

Crouchy likes a trick or two - maybe just pick a better time


I like a bit of skill. I liked what he did. I thought it was nice and I find the controversy hilarious.

Maybe he shouldn’t be doing it at this precise momet. Man United have been through a difficult spell. They’re doing better, but I don’t think they’re showboating yet.

If you are playing for Man United but you’re not playing quite at the top-level that we’d expect from previous United teams, and Antony has looked good but not great so far for them, then it might be a bit too soon to do that.

Erik Ten Hag

But that’s the only reason I’d say anything about it.

If Lionel Messi did it, if Cristiano Ronaldo did it, if Neymar did it, we would not bat an eyelid.

There’s a time and a place for it, I’m not sure that game was it.

But I like to see tricks like that now and again.

Spurs VAR Drama

Oh my God. The amount of dissecting and arguments that the late goal has caused in just a few days is unbelievable.

It’s ridiculous!

Just to have my final say on it, it shouldn’t stand. It’s a disallowed goal rightly. Unfortunately, it is offside.

Harry Kane Tottenham

But it’s hugely frustrating that we have to sit there watching lines being drawn to measure what? an inch? Half an inch? A millimetre offside?

It denied us a great moment – I might be a little bit biased on that as an ex-Tottenham player, but the place was absolutely bouncing after that goal. It was such a special moment.

And then it was taken away by a leg-hair.

It could matter at the end of the group. That was a big moment as it would’ve put Spurs through. Now they’ve to go to Marseille, which I know from experience is a difficult place to go.

It’s a tough atmosphere and that game would’ve been a lot easier if the goal had stood.

Jurgen Klopp

Liverpool season goals

Liverpool have a great pedigree in the Champions League and still have a lot of quality so I don’t think this is looking like a rebuilding year for them yet.

The way Europe is set-up, you can prioritise it in the second half of the season if you want. I still think they’ve got the quality to win that.

They’re also still in with a shout of competing in the league too, but the Champions League does look a more likely competition for them to go for this season.

I don’t think they have to write this season off as one to focus on rebuilding.

They’ve still enough to have a really good season.

They can go and win a trophy, even if they’ve had a difficult time earlier in the season.


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