Football betting: Our Premier League stats packs for all your Bet Builder needs!

More stats than you can shake a statty stick at.


The Premier League is well and truly back into the swing of things and to help you place your precious punts with precision, Paddy’s stat nerds have been buy beavering away on our mega new stats packs.

We’ve got you covered with a pulsing set of data for every game across every day of every weekend in the top flight with our easy-to-read and interpret graphics. Just click on the team you want to know more about and hey-presto!

Think Arsenal have a good defence? Check the sheet. Think Newcastle are quietly an efficient attacking outfit? There’s a stat pack for that.


It’s not just team data – we’ve picked out the top five individuals on each team too to give you more options to play with.

So sit back, grab a brew and prepare to peruse our data drop for all the teams in action in the Premier League this weekend. Hats off, the nerds in the Power Tower basement have well and truly earned the right to knock off 10 minutes early this Friday.

Arsenal v Tottenham

Saturday 12.30pm, BT Sport

Bournemouth v Brentford

Saturday 3pm

Crystal Palace v Chelsea

Saturday 3pm

Fulham v Newcastle

Saturday 3pm


Liverpool v Brighton

Saturday 3pm

Southampton v Everton

Saturday 3pm

West Ham v Wolves

Saturday 5.30pm, Sky Sports

Manchester City v Manchester United

Sunday 2pm, Sky Sports

Leeds v Aston Villa

Sunday 4.30pm, Sky Sports


Leicester City v Nottingham Forest

Monday 8pm, Sky Sports

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