Euro 2024: When is the qualifying draw? What are the seedings?

The next Euros are just around the corner...


Forget about the World Cup for a second as the qualifying draw for Euro 2024 is imminent.

Germany are guaranteed a place in the tournament as they’re on hosting duty, Russia are banned from taking part because of Mad Vlad, so the 53 remaining teams will be whittled down to 23 over the course of a qualification campaign.


Sure, we’re nearly two years away from the competition but a month-long feast of football is promised as Euro 2024 is scheduled to take place between June 14 and July 14.

You’ll find all the key details about the Euro 2024 qualifying draw below.

When is the Euro 2024 qualifying draw?

UEFA bigwigs are scheduled to conduct the Euro 2024 qualifying draw from 11:00 BST/IST on Sunday, October 9 2022 at the Festhalle, Frankfurt.

What are the seedings for the Euro 2024 qualifying draw?

The seedings for the Euro 2024 qualifiers are based on performance in the Nations League, with the top-10 teams in League A, other than Germany, being in UNL Pot/Pot 1 for the draw.

England and Wales are in Pot 2 due to their woeful performance in the Nations League. France will also be in Pot 2 after bagging just five points from their six fixtures.

The Republic of Ireland are in Pot 3, Scotland will be in Pot 2 or 3, while Northern Ireland are waiting to discover if they are destined for Pot 4 or 5.

How many teams are in each Euro 2024 qualifying group?

The 53 participating countries will be split into seven groups of five teams (Groups A-G) and three groups of six teams (Groups H-J).

The ten group winners and the ten runners-up will automatically qualify Euro 2024. The last three spots will be filled by teams that are successful in the play-offs.

When are the Euro 2024 qualifying match dates?

Matchday 1: 23-25/03/2023
Matchday 2: 26-28/03/2023
Matchday 3: 16-17/06/2023
Matchday 4: 19-20/06/2023
Matchday 5: 07-09/09/2023
Matchday 6: 10-12/09/2023
Matchday 7: 12-14/10/2023
Matchday 8: 15-17/10/2023
Matchday 9: 16-18/11/2023
Matchday 10: 19-21/11/2023
Play-off semi-finals: 21/03/2024
Play-off finals: 26/03/2024

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