Can you spot the Easter eggs in our Crouchy and Clattenburg advert?

A true romance.


Peter Crouch and Mark Clattenburg – it’s the bromance we never saw coming.

That was, of course, until Paddy’s new advert about falling in love with the more, eh, underappreciated aspects of the beautiful game came along.

Paddy’s encouraging you to consider the magic of corners, cards and that clown with the whistle (no offence, Clatts) this season as they could make you fall for football all over again – or at least provide a few decent bets.

And to give you a chance to try out this strange new world of home team corners or bookings points, we’re giving you a FREE £/€5 Bet Builder for Man United v Liverpool on Monday evening as the new ad hits your screens.

Okay, so it was a lot to take in, from Crouchy’s American Beauty moment to that epic Dirty Dancing lift, there were plenty of Easter eggs dotted around the extremely-high-end production.

But how many did you spot?

Our 60-second epic kicks off in The Robot Arms where Crouchy and wife Abbey Clancy are enjoying the footy with some extra-long chips, wine and a nice room-temperature Abbey Ale while Crouchy’s having his nachos – for real this time!

And if they don’t tickle your fancy, there’s the Clattenburger, a Stoke & Kidney pie or a 6-foot-7-long sub on the menu.

On the pitch things are getting shirty where the score reads Pad 9-0 Lad – dunno who that could be referring to.,,

Meanwhile, Clatts is laying down the law brandishing a red card as an advert for Sepp’s Laundrette shows on the hoardings.

And while everyone loses it about the sending-off, Crouchy luxuriates in a bath of red cards because he just loves them so damn much now!

Then he’s off to shake his moneymaker around a huge corner flag as Glazer’s Loans get some much-needed screentime on the advertising boards,  and one fan begs him to get his shirt off and toss it into the crowd.

There’s also an Eau De Clatters hoarding as the big man reclines behind a defensive wall, and who can resist the calls to Visit Stoke placed around the ground?

Not expecting a huge return on investment around North London from those, to be honest.

And, because no football match is complete without fans desperately longing for the VAR officials to get the f**k on with it, Peter’s romantic fantasy concludes with a heart-pounding decision from the video ref before his Dirty Dancing embrace with the man in black.

Before he comes crashing back to reality due to the heckles of those around him as he’s grabbed a nearby mutt instead of his beloved Mark Clattenburg.

Eh…. It’s an easy mistake to make, Pete…

Would you like to feel a scintilla of the euphoric rapture that coursed through Crouchy’s body as that corner was awarded or the red card was dished out?

Wouldn’t we all. Well, we can’t promise you that, but we can suggest you take up Paddy’s FREE £/€5 Bet Builder for Liverpool v Manchester United on Monday evening you might fall a little bit more in love with football – and possibly even win a few quid.

Is there a better Easter egg than that?

*Paddy Power’s breaking sports coverage is 100% fake news*

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