Pogba recovering in Dubai after binge-watching own documentary ​

Great tv is great tv, even if if you're in it


Paul Pogba is undergoing some warm-weather training in Dubai as he steps up his recovery from binge-watching his own documentary series.

The 28-year-old is reportedly suffering from burnout after watching all five episodes of ‘The Pogmentary’ which was released on Amazon Prime today.


‘Paul has travelled to Dubai to undertake the next phase of his rehabilitation in warm weather conditions’, a source close to the player told Paddy Power News.

‘Watching two and a half hours of unadulterated self-glorifying bullsh*t can take a terrible toll on the mind, body and soul’.

‘Just ask Neymar and Zlatan’.

‘Paul has sat through more episodes of his own documentary than he’s played games of football since March. So he’s bound to be knackered’.

‘We would ask the media to respect his right to extra publicity at this time’.


And after vowing to ‘come back strong’ from the setback, the Frenchman wasted no time in getting to work in the gym in the Middle East, even sharing several snaps of a recent workout on Instagram.

‘My thought process is to show Manchester United that they made a mistake thinking I gave a f**k about their club ’, said Pogba in a video shared with his 54 million followers.

‘They paid me £290,000-per-week to play basketball in Miami and dance at weddings’.

‘Now, I am p***ing off to Juventus for FREE for the second time in six-years’.

‘Despite this, most of the fan base still thinks the sun shines out of my arse. Hopefully, this documentary will portray me as the underperforming egotist I am’.

Manchester United’s French midfielder Paul Pogba scores a penalty during the UEFA Champions League group H football match between Young Boys and Manchester United at The Stade de Suisse in Bern on September 19, 2018. (Photo by Alain GROSCLAUDE / AFP) (Photo credit should read ALAIN GROSCLAUDE/AFP/Getty Images)

Pogba concluded the video by doing some silly handshake with Jesse Lingard.

Meanwhile, hot on the heels of the Pogmentary’s PR success, Pogba has agreed to an interview with Emily Maitlis.

‘Hopefully this interview will clear a few things up and protect my legacy as the club’s most reviled big-money post Fergie flop’, the World Cup winner told Paddy Power News.

‘Apart from Angel Di Maria, obviously’.

*Paddy Power News breaking coverage is 100% fake news – honest*


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