Jamie Redknapp investigates the murky world of football NFTs

NFTs. What's that all about?


Cartoon monkeys. They’re everywhere. Paddy’s been screen grabbing all of John Terrys and he thinks that’s made him a millionaire.


But has it? And if not, why not? They’re just JPEGs right? What’s the block chain? That’s enough questions it’s time for some answers. Ok, just one more question.

Who do we turn to when looking for answers? Jamie Redknapp. It’s time for another hard-hitting investigation. This time, into the murky world of non-fungible tokens. Or NFTs to me and you.

Jamie learns that no matter how hard you try you simply can not funge these JPEGs. And that’s straight from a proper nerd who’s making these things.

Confused, our Jamie heads to the street to meet some salt of the earth NFT traders including a man called Big Al who looks awfully familiar. Just can’t place it.

Alan’s in the hard-copy NFT market and asks the immortal question, ‘Who’s gunna pay for a digital picture of a monkey?’ Next up is a grilling for someone who actually owns one of these things.

Our un-named, shady, collector shows off his Fancy Footy Ferrets which, he claims, will one day be hanging in the Louvre and be worth millions of pounds.

Who knows who’s going to be right. All we know is that, actually, perhaps we’re even more confused about the whole thing than we were when we started. Thanks for trying, though, Jamie.


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