Breaking: Man United Champions League ref reveals Atletico Madrid tattoo on backside ​

That must've stung

After delivering the worst refereeing performance in football history, Slovenian official Slavko Vincic has admitted he has the Atletico Madrid badge tattooed on his a*se.

Following a controversial performance that seemed to favour Diego Simeone and the Atletico players throughout, the Spanish side emerged victorious against Manchester United in the Champions League last 16 tie on Tuesday evening.


Several witnesses had claimed to have seen the bare behind of the ref during his post-match celebrations when he was also seen guzzling champagne and jumping around with the Atletico players in the Old Trafford changing room after the match.

“He was shouting ‘Campione, Campione’ while dancing with Luis Suarez and Joao Felix” said one onlooker.

“That immediately raised my suspicions.”

“Then I saw his enormous bum-cheek tattoo when he jumped down off the bench and hugged Simeone, shouting ‘we did it! Cholo, we did it! Viva Atleti’.

“I mean, we all got a weird vibe about him went he done a knee slide in celebration for the winning goal, however, it’s a UEFA official, you know what that lot are like.

“Once we all saw the tattoo, everything that had gone on in the match finally made sense.”

Upon hearing the news that Vincic spent the entire night partying with Antoine Griezmann, Paddy Power News contacted him to clarify the speculation linking him to the Spanish outfit.

“There’s no point denying it – yes, it’s true! I have an Atleti tattoo on my bum. I am a season ticket holder at the Wanda Metropolitano Stadium and am very proud of my input in this victory” he told us.

“I’ve never reffed a game in my life, I work in a factory. I am just a fan who happened to win a competition on the club’s website and they smuggled me into the referee’s room.

“My kids, Torres and Godin, are so proud of their daddy today.”

With United boss Ralf Rangnick aiming heavy criticism towards Vincic in his post-match interview, one of the most highly respected referees to grace the modern game, Pierluigi Collina, took to social media to offer his opinion.

The unedited Facebook status reads:

“Yes, the Atleti supporter who refereed the match was laughable. I thought he was drunk when I saw some of the decisions.

“However, it must be made extremely clear to everybody at Old Trafford that even if they had celebrity United fan Howard Webb officiating the fixture, they would have still lost the game 1-0.

“They are completely rubbish and no amount of blaming a referee will change this fact.”

*Paddy Power’s breaking news coverage is 100% fake news, and that’s the truth – honest*


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