Paddy Power sends Jamie Redknapp on latest mission – to grill people who still say Premiership

There's few more heinous crimes in football than this.


Here at Paddy Power we’re all for inclusivity, fairness and debate. We love hearing different opinions and enjoying life’s rich tapestry. Unless you still call the Premier League the Premiership, that is.

They’re still out there, the Premiership people. You might assume they’re talking about the Scottish top flight or even England’s rugby union league.

But no.

They are talking about the Premier League. The Premier League which ceased to be the Premiership in 2008 – that’s 14 years ago. Nobody still refers to Division 1, the Five Nations, the Worthington Cup, Marathon Bars, Opal Fruits or Jif, do they? Do they?

But the Premiership people persist and to try and understand the twisted mindset of this sub-section of society, Jamie Redknapp’s been sent out onto the mean streets once again.

On his voyage of discovery, Jamie meets a Charlton supporter who’s been banished to the edges of society for his archaic views and enters the House of PAIN to discuss the, thankfully, dwindling support for the movement.


On his mission Jamie inadvertently stumbles on the true cost that insisting on calling it the Premiership has on these people. It causes divides among families and holds people back from promotions. It means they get no matches on Tinder.

If you thought Brexit caused a divide, you wait till you see Jamie’s latest dispatch. You can check out the latest Redknapp investigates on Paddy’s Twitter page above.

If you’ve been affected by any of the issues raised in this video please, for God’s sake, just say Premier League from now on, okay? It’s 2022.



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